The Studio Transformation

So I'm starting this post with my Graduation Day. This was actually the day I announced that the Oh Baby Studio was coming to Southwell, so a huge huge day for me and one I'll remember forever.

So I'm actually sat writing this now on 21st October 2019, a month after my official launch date. I'm going to actually start this post with my graduation picture, because this was 1 month before we officially got the keys and no one knew about it at all up until this point. This was honestly one of the happiest days because I knew I'd finished in education forever & I was going on to do exactly what I had always planned in my head.

I officially got the keys on 1st August 2019. That day was honestly one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking days ever and I don't even know why because nothing actually happened that day, we just passed over the keys and all was good. I was so keen to get started, especially knowing I had my first shoot in 4 weeks time, and although most people thought the studio was pretty much ready to go, I had much bigger plans in my mind and an exact vision of what I wanted it to look like which was almost the complete opposite of what it was previously.

That night was so so lovely because we all came in to celebrate officially having the studio after what felt like so long of hoping I'd get it.

These are probably the best photos I have of what it looked like before we changed anything at all!

So first up was the sanding of the floor and the painting. I say first up, but really these were the main jobs and definitely the hardest. So thanks Bax for taking one for the team and helping me out with these haha!

So I won't go on and on about this because it's pretty self explanatory but I did want to show a clear before and after. The floor was completely sanded down and re painted, and the walls were painted white, over the before blue & cream.

Next up, the outside, we weeded the whole of the outside, re painted the posts and added some black chains, but most importantly, added the Oh Baby Photography sign!!

This was the evening my front sign was put up also, this really was such a crazy feeling, it was finally all coming together and my logo was on a building!!!!

The Bathroom was actually one of my favourite transformations. Unfortunately i don't have any pictures of what it looked like before, so the first picture is the closest thing to that. We re did the flooring, took down units from the wall, took the toilet out and moved it around and touched everything up. The main things that make a difference really are the decorations on the wall, the changing of the toilet seat cover and the decorations on the shelving. It feels so much lighter, cleaner and bigger now, and just a lot more inviting.

At this point I was working from the studio and had my first few shoots ready for content creation for my website launch, it was pretty much perfect but we added one extra element to give it more of a luxury, homely feel.

This was the addition it really needed, adding the curtains just gave that privacy that I wanted. Being based in the King Street car park is fab and is not a problem at all for the babies, but for my Branding Shoots & Maternity shoots, the studio needed to feel more private, which is exactly what the curtains give.

So there we have it, the complete transformation, and all done within 3 weeks. I really couldn't have done this without my family, so thank you all for everything you've helped me with, it really is my dream come true. Also, a huge thank you to everyone who came to my opening evening, it really was so lovely to see to many new and old faces!

Millie xx



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