From mobile to the Oh Baby Photography Studio

Due to the fact that I have always been a mobile photographer since the beginning of Oh Baby, I know I have a lot of clients that have loved the fact that they haven’t had to come away from the comfort of their own home and travel with a newborn.

Continuing with the mobile side of my business and coming to your own home was something that I’ve thought about hugely in whether to continue, however, unfortunately being mobile means that I cannot guarantee the standard of the images due to arriving to an environment in which I am not familiar with and within my work I have to make sure that you as my lovely client is receiving my best work possible and is up to a very high standard.

Other factors that count towards this are - not being able to control the amount of space I have to work in, the lighting within the space (as I am limited to how much I can travel with and how much I can bring into someone's home) and the background of the images as opposed to the studio space which is completely white, clear and precisely designed for each photoshoot session.

Of course it is something I will consider under exceptional circumstances such as not being able to leave the house, as of course I understand these things happen and I want to make sure everyone can have beautiful photos of their little loves, however it is not something I would recommend to do. The studio is a space of calm and relaxation, a place where all you mamas can take a little break and have a coffee so it's definitely worth while taking it as a little day trip out!



Open Tuesday - Sunday by Appointment
Oh Baby Photography, 79 King Street, Southwell, Nottingham, NG25 0EH
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