Meet the Photographer...Millie Pargeter

I asked over on my Instagram if you had any questions for me...

“How did you decide to be a family/baby photographer?”

So like I mentioned above, they are two things that I love, family/children and photography. I’ve tried out so many different jobs within the photography industry but working within family and child photography has been the only one I haven’t found a negative with, and to my knowledge that’s pretty rare when finding a job.

“What do you think makes a good photographer?”

For me a good photographer is someone who has the ability to make the one in front of the camera feel at ease. To be able to capture those natural shots is a skill in itself, and not really a photography related skill. I think it’s all about the way you are with your clients and if they’re happy throughout the shoot, then they’ll always be happy with the outcome!

“Do you photograph kids of all ages?”

Yes! I’ve had so many people ask me this because a lot of the images I post on Instagram and Facebook are of newborns and my business name is Oh Baby, but yes I do, any age! I’ve photographed siblings aged 0-10 and families of 20 people including the dogs so I’ll pretty much do anything to get exactly what you're looking for.

“I’m nervous to have photos taken with my kids because I know right now I don’t look my best, early mornings, late nights etc. What advice would you give?”

That’s your life at the moment and that should be celebrated. You’re a mumma of multiple and it’s hard work, but so rewarding at the same time. I bet that in a few years time you’ll look back on these times and wouldn’t change it for the world because of the memories you made with your little ones, so celebrate that, document that and never forget it!

“Has there ever been a time where you haven’t got good enough photos because of naughty kids or restless babies?”

Nope, never. Like I mentioned above I’m a perfectionist with my work because I want it to look good for myself, but more importantly for you. 9 times out of 10 the kids are naughty and the babies are restless because that’s just how they are and I expect that, so don’t worry, we’ll work with what the little people feel like doing and get some beautiful shots in the process.

“What’s your favourite thing about working with young children?”

Honestly, getting to see all of these tiny perfect little babies, who wouldn’t love that?!

“What advice would you give for someone who is thinking about doing a creative degree?”

This is a tricky one because everyone is so different in what they do and don’t like. For me uni has been amazing for the fact that I’ve met some of my best friends that I know I’ll have for life and I’ve made some amazing memories that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. In terms of helping me going freelance, the actual degree itself has been great in terms of enabling me to test out different types of photography, however a lot of what I’ve learnt I could have learnt without uni, and without the debt that comes with it. However what I will say uni has given me that will help me with my business is the confidence to speak to other creatives and professionals, and give me the self confidence to know that I’m actually doing alright! Uni is the perfect opportunity for someone who is on the shyer side (which I definitely was 3 years ago) in helping them to grow into both the person and creative they want to be. So I don’t know if that helps you, but it really is personal preference, looking back now I could be at this stage of life & business without uni, but who knows, I may not be so successful in the long term. It’s a tricky one.

“What advice would you give to other young photographers starting out?”

This is kind of difficult for me to answer because I’m still in the early stages, but in the 14 months of working on Oh Baby I think my biggest piece of advice would be to be consistent. Consistency is key in everything in life, if you want to be healthy you’ve gotta work out consistently, if you want to get good grades you’ve got to revise consistently. So your business is the exact same, if not more important because that’s your dream. Another piece of advice I’d give is to just do you, and don’t compare yourself. Of course you’re going to compare your work because as creatives that’s what we do, and it’s perfectly normal because that’s how we’re inspired, it’s how we learn and how we grow. But don’t let it get you down. If you’re doing you, that’s good enough and it is going to pay off eventually.

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