This series is all about you and your baby, mama. That bond the two of you have together, but most specifically, whilst feeding. Whether that is bottle feeding, combination, breastfeeding, expressing. Any kind of feeding and nourishing is the best kind after all.

Over the whole time I’ve been photographing families, the one thing that’s always stood out to me is the bond between mother and baby in those minutes of feeding. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of situation you’re in, as soon as the feeding begins, there’s just a sense of pure tranquility, calm and serenity, whether that’s out on location or in the studio, it’s magical to be a part of and to have the opportunity to photograph.


Now I know, I’m not a mama myself, so I cannot even imagine the struggles you’ve gone through in your feeding journey, the lows and the highs. But what I can do for you, is document this precious time in your child’s life...and I’d be truly honoured if you were to let me.


This mini series is going to be set in the beautiful outdoors, with all of the wholesome, earthy vibes. It’s going to be set in a beautiful field, comfy cushions, beautiful plants, flowing dresses, and your beautiful baby.


No matter the journey, it’s going to be documented in the most wholesome, beautiful way possible. For you and your little one to cherish for a lifetime.

Sneaky Peak (4)

Beccy + Orla (67)

365 days of you (168)

Gemmah + Bobby (54)

Now what’s the difference between this shoot and booking a regular shoot?



So this shoot is a Mini Series meaning that it is a one off, but also it focusses on one specific thing - your feeding journey & the bond it’s brought to you & your baby.


This shoot is completely styled, meaning furniture & props will be hired for the day to create the most beautiful photographs and the most beautiful experience for you and your little one,  both photographs and memories to last a lifetime.


Both you & your little one can be styled by me, meaning you can choose your outfits from the studio wardrobe.

T H E  V I B E

of the shoot


Floral, rattan, pure nature, blankets, rugs, comfy cushions and all of the earthly goodness.


Beautiful and natural in every kind of way.

Now for the info...



For £95 you receive...


5 digital images of your choosing


a beautiful password protected online gallery of watermarked images from your shoot to choose from


a stunning A4 gold foiled print of your favourite photo


30 - 45 minutes photoshoot time


Due to the nature of this photoshoot meaning that furniture will be hired, it has to take place in a location that allows us to set up for the day, so the location is currently waiting to be confirmed but is in the Nottinghamshire area.


These shoots will be taking place beginning of September dependant on the dates available.


These shoots will be taking places between 4pm & 8pm in the evening so we get that beautiful golden hour glow

To be added to the waitlist for this series...

Open Tuesday - Sunday by Appointment
Oh Baby Photography, 79 King Street, Southwell, Nottingham, NG25 0EH
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