Client Questionnaire

Some people do them, some people don't. But for me personally, my client questionnaire is a crucial moment in my client onboarding process. It's a chance for them to tell me a little bit or a lot about them, and that is totally down to them. Some people say a few words, others tell me intimate and private moments about their lives. Anything they can give me is amazing and allows me to create a bespoke experience for them and them only, as well as the most important thing - allowing me to tell their story in a way that is authentic to them.

Here are a few of the questions I ask my clients...

First things first, the basics. Names, ages, phone numbers, if there are any animals coming, locations, who wants to be captured, how they found me, why they've chosen me.

Next up, I always ask if there is a specific image of mine that they love or any 'must have' shots.

Are they comfortable in getting somewhat wet, sandy or dirty during their shoot? To find out how adventurous they are feeling if heading into the outdoors.

Are they more attracted to fun, laughing photos, or deep, soulful photos? Or a bit of both? This will give you a great idea of the vibe they are going for.

Have they experienced a photoshoot before? How did they find it? Did they enjoy it? Is there anything they would've changed? I have so many people come to me saying they've had negative past experiences and I do not want to replicate that, so all knowledge is good knowledge!

What do they want to think of when they look back at these photos in 5, 10, 20 years time? What do they want their children to remember from these photos?

I'll always ask them to describe the personalities of their children so I can find ways to connect with them on a personal level.

Is there something special about this stage in their parenthood journey or their child's current age that they'd like me to focus on?

Is there anything that they do as a family that is really meaningful to them?

Would mama like some intimate motherhood shots? These are tasteful, intimate, sometimes nude photos that can be a really special way to capture skin to skin moments, feeding journeys etc.

What is their 'why' for wanting this session?

How is mama (if pregnant) feeling in herself during her pregnancy journey, is there anything in particular that I should know?

How has their journey to parenthood been? Has it changed them in anyway at all as people?

Is there anything in particular that I should know to be able to tell their story better?

Now for a very serious one...will mum & dad allow bribery? Chocolate, McDonalds after the session?