Hey, I'm Millie, your local, soulful natural light photographer

24 year old, sausage dog mother + lover of all things love

Motherhood & family sessions will forever hold a huge place in my heart. My passion has and always will be documenting moments to last a lifetime, and to me, there is nothing more special than the people around us, whether that is family by blood or family by pure love. Simply put — I flippin love, love

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The way I capture moments is by purely documenting you as you are. Simply put...I'm a people watcher. Yet, I have a camera. Sounds a bit weird but I promise you it's not. Simply put, I'll be there to guide you without you even realising.

I've always been a huge fan of 'natural photography' yet we all know that there is nothing natural about putting on a beautiful dress and matching outfits with our families to go and stand in a field or a woodland.

That's just not what we naturally do, for obvious reasons. So instead of calling myself a 'Natural Photographer', I describe my work as 'The real over perfect. Always.'

Don't get me wrong, your tiny little team is perfect, but by this I mean that I capture the real moments, not the posed 'perfect' ones. I capture the moments that mean the most, the ones that are uniquely you, the extraordinary ordinary shall I say. Sometimes strange, sometimes hilarious, sometimes totally unexpected...but always absolutely perfect because they are authentically you.

And after all, that is the aim here right? To document you & yours in a way that can be looked back on for generations. A way that you will remember that exact moment, that exact belly laugh and that exact cuddle, exactly as it was, even 5, 10, 20 years on. That is what I aim do, for you.

I cannot wait to meet you & your littles...so let's chat!